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Rancidville Mausoleum and Mortuary

Rancidville Mausoleum and Mortuary

Continuing planning my World for the Comic project (MCMOOC #GetAGrasp) I am working on – here is a sketch of the entrance to the Rancidville Cemetery. Most of the concept ideas I do in a big sketchbook by hand and this keeps them all together. Eventually when I am ready to start the actual pages I will do the drawing by hand – scan and then digitally clean them up.


Rancidville Characters

Rancidville Characters

Here is the first look at the Heroes of the story I am working on. Since starting the MOOC #GetAGrasp from #MakingComicsDotcom I have had a new focus on finally creating an online comic.

Rancidville Title Concept

Here is a concept of the Title for the project I am doing through the MOOC at MakingComicsDotcom.

(Click on the Link to see the art)



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