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Dragon Texture bake


Currently the modeling is done on the dragon…and now I am in the process of learning how to texture and then bake that texture onto the dragon – I have already learned a ton on this particular project….and I still have more to go before this is finished.


Dragon Tales


Since I am using this blog as a work in progress…I thought I would add the progress of my dragon. I think he is coming along nicely considering I am a complete noob when it comes to soft-body modeling….or any modeling I guess for that matter.

I am looking forward to adding color and texture to the dragon though, and hope that the end result is decent enough to post when I am finished.

Dragons, tutorials and creativity

I have been following a tutorial series on CG Blender Cookie for about a week now. I am on the 4th part of the series and things are going well, but I am feeling the need to deviate from the instructions, not because I have a better idea on how to do something – just my workflow is a little different than that of the person doing the tut (in this case it is David Ward) and my style (although barely existent right now) is differnt than those of the instuctors….

I like the tutorials very much – those of David Ward, Kernon Dillon and Jonathan Williamson. I also enjoy the tutorials from BlenderGuru (Andrew Price) – though at some point I think I need to stop following them and start developing my own work.

I think after I finish this tutorial, I may start on a few projects I have had in mind all on my own and only use the tutorials as reference to a particular method as opposed to following it to the end result.

I would much rather create than mimick someone else.

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