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Some people are just allergic to everything….

This was another fun idea… a little nerdy kid (no relation), his best girl, and a sneeze – three great things that are funny together…..


A matter of honor

I had this crazy idea of a bull fighter, but instead of a bull…he dressed his pet dog up as the bull…

Kind of a Don Quixote type of personality.

In any event – I thought it was humorous…

Sheepish is the start of my sheep.

He looks sort of like a model from a stop motion film…and that is kind of what I am going for. Again, as mentioned in a previous post…we tend to develop our style in the artwork we do…and I want my items to look sureal. Many, many, many 3D artists are focused on realism…but all art is an abstraction in some way, and mine I think more than others.

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