Taste is used to describe the process of the taste buds on the tongue.

 It is also used to describe what people favor in art and decor or even in their dealing with others.

You can have good taste in art, or your home may be decorated very tastefully.

You could tell a joke that in company of others which would be in very poor taste.

So if you can do that – why would it be such a far stretch to describe a color by a taste.

I have an extremely long comute to work. During that time, I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about all sorts of things. Currently I am stuck on thinking about what colors taste like.

I have also thought about what emotions (senses of being) sound like – but that is another thread altogether.

Right now I have a few ideas:

Green = kiwi  (some poeple may say lime, or green apple)

Red = cinnamon (others may think apple or cherry or even strawberry)

So many other colors:

Brown = pinapple

Black = a charcol almost ashy taste

Yellow = banana

In any event – that is what I am currently thinking about.