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New Character

I am slowly working on a new character. For a while I have had an idea of an older medieval constable in a city watch. Here is the start of that character.



So..I am at this point calling my goblin (aka elf…aka creature of sorts) character complete. I am satisfied with the current results; I could work on it indefinitely, but I think I will start another project to continue advancing and learning.

Character Progress

I am slowly making progress on my model . . . and for once I am liking what the results are. There is much more to do – but he is starting to come to life.

At Blender Artist it appears the consensus is that this really is more of a Goblin than an Elf… and looking at it now – I think I agree. It is more of a young Goblin….So, from now on I will refer to him as my Goblin.

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