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Daily Sketch – 26 September 2013

Daily Sketch - 26 September 2013

It has been a crazy week. I have so many projects I am working on and ideas are just constantly flowing now. I have formulated the final idea for one of my self portraits. I love the idea of money and the seven dollar bill – but I think this works better.

Also – I am working on an idea for my daughter’s baby (that’s right, I am a new grandpa). Anyway – I have to finish that as well and of course my comic that I have set to the side for about a month – I need to finish the pages I have roughed out.

All to be posted soon…Festina Lente


Daily Sketch – 23 September

Daily Sketch - 23 September

Weird Apples
Colored pencils on Strathmore Bristol Board 100lbs.

Again – not what I wanted – the apple on the right looks odd.

Daily Sketch – 13 September

Daily Sketch - 13 September

I have had this idea to put my face on a Seven Dollar Bill.
I started some rough pencils a week ago and thought I would do a quick color study as well and try and flush the idea out more completely. I am not happy with the results – but I am getting closer to what I have in mind.

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