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Blender 2.53 beta

I just downloaded the newest release of Blender – BLENDER 2.53beta.

It is exciting because there are a number of new features available in this new release and it is more stable than the previous ones.

I cannot wait to get started on the kitchen tutorial from BlenderGuru using this new release – it should be awesome.


The pigskin

The Coach

Well. . . it is almost that time of year, and what better way to start the season than to doodle an idea about the game football.

Rising High

High Rise Project

So I just finished the High Rise project from the Architectural Series by Andrew Price at

The whole process was amazing, and the finished outcome was better than I could have expected. I see the images that people are creating – especially the skill levels needed and it inspires me to continue in my quest to learn as much as I can.

Although I got frustrated many, many, MANY times . . . I think the finished image turned out pretty good.

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