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Best in Show

Here is a quick scketch I did for an idea of an animal show at a state fair. I thought it would be great to model this and create the scene in 3D.

Here is the first part – I started modeling the pig and still need to rig and do some shape keys to be able to pose and do some simple expressions.

This should be a really fun project……



Every artist has his/her own style. Some people try for realism, others are looking at the abstract…and in essence all art is an abstraction of what we see or the image in our own minds.

When I started using Blender back in March of this year, I was new to using 3D programs. I started with many ideas of where my learning would lead. I thought perhaps animated shorts (yeah I know – grand and way out of perspective for my limited talents) – then I thought about 3D images as a means to creating comics.

In the end, as of now anyway, I am more interested in creating still images; Pieces of artwork that reflect my sense of humor and wonder at the world.

I am not so much interested in creating a perfect representation of something real…what I really want to do is create sureal images…things that could not happen – but look like they could.

My backgrounds should give a sense of being real – but the characters themselves should look a bit cartoony – like my mouse and cat.

Hopefully I can make many more images that entertain me and tickle that bone that sometimes makes me laugh….

Here Kitty…Kitty…Kitty

Here kitty...kitty...kitty

Just a friendly meeting…

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